Dyeing hair is something that modern people often do. Some older people want to dye their white hair into black hair; some young people want to dye their black hair into red hair, or yellow hair, even white hair. In short, hair dyeing is popular and common, so things like scalp staining with dye are very common. So, how do we wash the dye off the scalp? --(In this article we mainly discuss permanent hair dyes).

A hairstylist is applying blue hair dye to his client

How to wash off hair dye from the scalp

Below, we introduce several very effective ways.

Rinse with Clean Water

Hair dye is not the same as black oil. If black oil stains the scalp, it will be more difficult to clean. However, hair dye ingredients are milder than black oil; it can usually be rinsed with water. But as the hair dye stays on the scalp longer, it will become more and more difficult to clean, so when you find hair dye on your scalp, it is best to rinse it with water immediately. It is okay if you don't wash it off for a while; the hair dye will slowly fall off.

Rinse with Shampoo

The general shampoo has a cleaning function, and compared with wiping cold perm, gasoline, diesel, and other items to clean the hair dye, it will cause much less irritation to the scalp. Because the hair has just been dyed, it is not suitable to use shampoo on a large area. It is best to squeeze the shampoo into your hand, rub it into foam, then apply it to the scalp where the hair dye is stained, massage it, and finally rinse with water.

Rinse with Alcohol

Alcohol is an organic solvent, and hair dye is an organic substance, so alcohol can dissolve the hair dye to achieve the purpose of cleaning. However, alcohol is irritating to the skin after all. It is best to apply it on the neck before use to see if the skin is allergic to alcohol. If there are no abnormalities, use a cotton swab to dip alcohol and apply it to the scalp. Rinse again with water after application.

Rinse with Wood or Plant Ash

Burnt wood ash and grass ash are equivalent to activated carbon, which is an alkaline item, while hair dye is an acidic item. When the two meet, neutralization and adsorption will occur. To clean the hair dye, dip a wet towel into the ash before use. , and then rub it onto the scalp where the hair dye is. If it is not clean after just one wipe, wipe it a few more times.

Wait for The Hair Dye to Fall Off On Its Own

If you have tried all the above methods, but there are still traces of hair dye on your scalp, don't worry. Usually, aging skin will gradually fall off with metabolism, and the same is true for scalp skin. Wash your hair several times more, rinse your scalp with plenty of water, and massage it, and the hair dye will naturally fall off.

How Long for Hair Dye to Fade from the Scalp

28 days. The hair dye is applied on the scalp, and only when the scalp cells fall off can the hair dye truly fall off the scalp. The scalp's metabolism takes 28 days, exactly the same as facial skin: cells are produced from the basal layer, continue to divide, pass through the spinous layer and granular layer, become keratinocytes, and then fall off.

Scalp diagram

Scalp Diagram

1. Aging horny tablets
2. Epidermal layer
3. Dermis
4. Subcutaneous tissue
5. Sebaceous glands
6. Skin flakes fall off
7. Hair

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