Alright folks, who doesn't wanna rock that killer hair game? Those shiny, full locks that make peeps go "whoa"? Whether you're trying to flex like those Insta celebs or just wanna keep things thick up top as the years roll by, we gotchu. Buckle up and check these dope tips to keep your hair looking 💯.

Scalp Massage

Your scalp is a jungle of tiny blood vessels and nerve endings. Giving it a good rub-down helps you chill out and stress less. Doing it often gets that blood flowing, ensuring those hair roots get their dose of nutrients.

Wash Your Hair the Right Way

Wet your locks first, then work up a good lather in your hands before getting down to business. Scrubbing with your nails? Nope, big no-no. Instead, use your fingertips and be gentle. Oh, and about the water temperature - aim for something cozy, between 95-113°F (35-45°C). It's perfect for blood flow and won't roast your hair roots.

A woman is pouring shampoo into the palm of her hand.

Brush It Out

Similar to the scalp massage vibe, brushing creates a nice friction between the comb, your scalp, and hair. It's like a spa day for your mane. Go for brushes with wide gaps and smooth bristles, and give it about 100 strokes each time. If your hair's all tangled, sort that out first, and make sure you're not pulling too hard.

Dry Promptly

Letting wet hair air-dry for too long? Might as well invite headaches and dizziness in. But, rubbing it vigorously with a towel? That's a recipe for knots and breakage. Here's the drill: after washing, wrap your hair with a super absorbent towel until it stops dripping. Then, whip out the hair dryer. Blast your scalp until it's dry and your hair until it's about 80% there. If you fancy, apply some hair oil. Just remember, don't crank up that hair dryer too hot, and don't overdo it.

Chill with the Chemicals

We all know the drill – perms and dyes are rough on the hair. They'll rob it of moisture and protein, leaving it looking all dull and making it more prone to falling out. If you're not exactly rocking a thick mane, maybe consider dialing back on those treatments.

Life Habits

Stick to a routine, and for heaven's sake, stop pulling all-nighters. Chocolate and fatty meats are delish, but maybe cut back a bit. Stay mellow, do stuff that makes you smile, and keep those good vibes rolling. Hitting the outdoors? Don't forget to shield that hair from the sun; it doesn't like baking under UV rays. It gets frizzy and upset. And here's a fun fact: hair loves keratin protein. So, make eggs, meats, and fish a regular on your plate.

September 18, 2023 — Emily Thompson

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