#18A Ash Blonde Flat Tip Hair Extension



Flat-tip hair extensions are permanent hair extensions with a small patch of keratin on the head. They are easy to install and easy to maintain and are a very mature products.

Various installation methods: It can be installed by heat fusion (simple installation tools, hot iron is enough), or ultrasonic installation (professional installation tools, but installation does not require heat).

Natural ingredients: Since it is made of natural keratin, it is kinder to the hair and scalp, reducing the risk of allergies or irritation.

Long-lasting: Keratin glue provides strong long-lasting, Flat Tip Hair Extensions can last for months, which is longer than some other hair extension techniques.

Unnoticeable: They blend well with real hair, giving the wearer a natural and seamless look.

Less Damage to Real Hair: Flat Tip Hair Extensions will cause less damage to real hair when installed and maintained according to the correct procedure.

Virgin hair (also called Raw hair): healthy hair from donors, unprocessed and treated, with an intact cuticle, better than Remy hair.

  • Can be dyed
  • Can be bleached
  • Can be straightened
  • Can be curled
  • Lifespan of at least 12 months in good care (can be reused up to 3 times.)

*Our hair is sourced ethically, ensuring that it is obtained through fair and responsible practices.

Product Details

  • 100 strands per pack
  • 1 grams per strand / 100 grams per pack

We recommend using 1-2 packs for added thickness and 2-3 packs for the full head.