The hair extension Color Chart (Color Ring) is a tool designed to help consumers and stylists choose and match the color of hair extension products. This color chart typically includes a range of different hair color samples, from dark to light, natural to vivid.

The main purpose of the Color Chart:

Color Matching: Consumers can use the color chart to match their own hair color, ensuring that the selected hair extension color matches their own hair color.

Color Pick: For those consumers who want to try new colors or highlights, the color chart can provide a wider color range for them to choose from.

Professional Reference: For hair stylists, color charts are a valuable tool that can help them provide professional color advice to clients and can greatly eliminate misunderstandings caused by verbal descriptions of colors (seeing is believing).

Product Showcase: A color chart can also be used as a sales tool to show customers what color options are available or to discuss color further.

Hair color is very complex, and every stylist has their own favorite set of colors. You can buy a set of Color Rings from the supplier, but it should be noted that the color provided by each supplier lock will not be the same. So before buying hair extensions from suppliers, it is necessary to buy a set of Color Rings from them. For powerful hair extension suppliers, provide them with the color you need, and they can customize a set of Color Rings for you according to the color you provide.

Common color description

Single Color Hair Extensions

Piano Color Hair Extensions

Mix Color Hair Extensions

Two Tone Color Hair Extensions