There is no way to verify the origin of Brazilian knots. Some people say it originated in Brazil; some people say it originated in Europe and became popular in Brazil.

The current situation is that it is one of the mainstream hair extension methods in the world. Some people love it and think it is a great hair extension method, but some people think it is a very bad experience, full of damage to the scalp and hair.

Let's take a comprehensive look at this hair extension method. After reading this article, you can draw your conclusions.

What Is Brazilian Knots Extension

This is a hair extension method that binds bulk hair to natural hair through an elastic cord (no glue and heating tools are required.), so it is also called Elastic elastic cord hair extension in some places, and it is also called Italian knot hair extensions or Italian weaving in Europe.

The hair stylist is very satisfied with his results, and plans to share photos with customers.

Tools and Materials for Installation

Bulk Hair: Generally, bulk hair is 100g/ a bundle, and it takes 2-3 bundles to make a full head. Some hair stylists use I-tip hair extensions instead of bulk hair; we do not recommend this because the I-tip head has a hard keratin, which will press the scalp and cause discomfort when sleeping. But this is also a perfect solution if the keratin post can be cut off during installation.

Elastic Cord: Choose thin but good strength (not easy to break); this is the most basic guarantee for hair extensions. If the rope is too thick, it cannot provide a good fastening ability, and the bulk hair will fall off when washing or combing. If the rope breaks, the corresponding hair extension will fall off, which will greatly affect the wearing experience.

Other Tools: Scissors, magic hair grippers, hair clips, etc.

How to Install Brazilian Knots

Installing Brazilian knots is a very simple process.

  1. Wash and dry hair.
  2. Hair Layering: Use a comb and bobby pins to divide your hair into sections so it's easier to work with each strand.
  3. Prepare the hair bundle: Take a bundle of bulk hair; about 1g is best.
  4. Positioning: Pick out a bunch of natural hair, stick the root of the bulk hair to the root of the natural hair (about 1 inch)
  5. Binding: Use an elastic cord to bind natural hair and bulk hair together, and the elastic cord needs to be wound several times to ensure the strength of fusion.
  6. Knot: After the bundle is finished, make sure to tie one or more knots to ensure that the elastic cord will not loosen (it needs to last for 3-4 months).
  7. Thread trimming: Use scissors to cut off the excess thread
  8. Complete the style: Repeat this process until the hairstyle is complete.

    How to Remove Brazilian Knots

    Disassembly of the Brazilian knots extension is very simple. Just cut the elastic cord. This process requires special care not to cut off the natural hair.

    If the bulk hair used is human hair, we strongly recommend repeated use. The bulk hair needs to be collected during disassembly for the next installation.

    What Type of Hair Is Suitable for Brazilian Knots

    Not too short: The shortest hair used by the Brazilian knot is 3-4 inches, too short to cover the knot.

    Not too thin: Too thin can not support the weight of the hair extensions.

    How Long Can Brazilian Knots Last?

    Generally, it can last for 3-4 months. Human natural hair grows about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch per month. Knots As natural hair leaves the scalp, it become less manageable and more easily exposed.

    Can Brazilian Knots Move the Knots Up?

    No, remove and reinstall when they grow out 3-4 months. Unlike Micro-link hair extensions, you can loosen the beads and then move them up before fixing them. The elastic cord used by Brazilian knots cannot be loosened; it can only be removed and reinstalled.

    How Long Do Brazilian Knots Take?

    It takes about 150-250 knots to make a full head of Brazilian knots extension, and a skilled hair stylist needs 2-3 hours of work. If you add washing and drying of hair before installation and hair styling after installation, 5 hours is the usual time required.

    How Much Does The Brazilian Knot Extension Cost?

    The general cost will be between 400-1500 US dollars. It consists of 2 parts: installation and bulk hair. The installation time for a full head is 2-3 hours (different hair stylists charge differently), and 2-3 bundles of bulk hair (different Quality and length prices vary greatly).

    Hairstylist quotes for Brazilian Knots
    *A quote from a hairstylist on Instagram for Brazilian Knots (without hair).

    Do Brazilian Knots Damage Hair?

    Yes or no, we need to analyze the situation in detail.

    Horizontally: no possible damage to the hair: the elastic crystal wire is bundled, which will not put too much pressure on the hair (it will not break the hair) and can firmly fix the bulk hair and natural hair. In addition, this hair extension does not use glue or heat and is a very safe way to extend hair.

    Vertically: it is very likely to damage the hair; too little natural hair obtained by a single bundle extension will make the hair bear too much tension; in addition, the scalp will be pulled when tied, and the scalp will be tensed if the knot is too tight. These can also lead to hair loss in severe cases.

    So first of all, you need to choose a skilled hairstylist. It is normal to have slight discomfort during installation. The discomfort should be removed in time if it has not been relieved after 48 hours. Incorrect installation by the hair stylist may cause this, or your hair may not be suitable for this hair extension.

    Brazilian Knot Extensions Reviews

    Let me share some beautiful photos; it may give you some inspiration.

    • A customer used blonde curly brazilian knot extensions to add volume to her hair and got a curly bob hairstyle.

      Brazilian Knot Extensions On Short Hair

      Brazilian knot extensions are great at adding volume to hair, and this short afro cut is perfect.

    • A woman increased her own 6-inch hair to 12-inch with Brazilian Knot Extensions.

      Brazilian Knots On Short Hair

      As long as you have 3-4inch hair, you can meet the conditions for Brazilian Knot Extensions.

    • A black woman uses Brazilian knots to increase the length of her kinky curly hair

      Brazilian Knot Extensions On Black and Short Hair

      Brazilian knots can handle any curls, including kinky straight.

    • A woman installed #4 Brazilian knot extensions on her thinning hair.

      Brazilian Knots on Thin Hair

      Brazilian knot extensions not only add length and volume, but can also add color.

    • The Brazilian Knots installed by skilled hair stylists are not only comfortable to look at, but also comfortable to wear for the actual customer.

      Typical installation renderings of Brazilian Knots

      A skilled hairstylist plays an absolute role in the effect of installing Brazilian Knots.

    • One customer used reddish-brown bulk hair with Brazilian Knots to create a long, straight hairstyle.

      Reddish Brown Brazilian Knots

      Use bulk hair of different colors to create hair extensions of different colors, which is fashionable and natural.

    • A woman with brown hair chooses Strawberry Blonde Brazilian Knots hair extensions to achieve a blonde hairstyle with dark roots.

      Brazilian Knots on Blonde Hair

      Picking bulk hair that matches your natural blonde hair color is the key.

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